Galvanised Frame Tables

Galvanised Frame Tables

These tables benefit from a strong galvanised sub-frame, which couples excellent strength with lightweight – ideal if you like to move your tables around. The sides are clad with 35 x 150mm pressure treated timber, and the benches have a flood tray, complete with drain and bung. The galvanised legs have adjustable feet, and come in three sizes – 250, 450 and 650mm

Why Use Flood Trays                 Best Practice for using Flood Trays

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Traditionally garden centres have used timber benches with slatted tops for plant display. Whilst relatively cheap, they have a short life, tend to harbour algae and disease, and, being watered from above, result in a very high level of water wastage. As well as wasting water, they can waste time spent watering, and in hard water areas overhead watering can result in deposits on foliage, spoiling the appearance of the plants.

Using Nostrand galvanised frame benches, these problems are overcome – concealed galvanised frame, galvanised legs, adjustable feet, and Flood Trays (sometimes referred to as Ebb & Flow Trays), combined with an attractive FSC certified timber edging, to give your planteria a pleasing traditional look. For further information, please check out our information sheets below, or simply call our sales team.

Why Use Flood Trays 

Best Practice for using Flood Trays


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